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ARF member: You will soon witness broader consolidation in Armenia

YEREVAN. – All those who pose a certain threat to the petty wishes of the current halls of power are all at the target. Artsvik Minasyan, a member of the opposition Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Dashnaktsutyun Party and former Minister of Economy, stated this in a conversation with journalists Wednesday.“They [the incumbent authorities] have started with the political forces. This campaign will continue with anti-political attitudes, insults, labeling, hostility among the society, driving a wedge between the political forces and the society, and, naturally, repressions will be carried out against the representatives of the civil society, journalists, everyone,” he added.Referring to the current consolidation between the ARF, Motherland, and One Armenia Parties, the ARF member said. “Our goal is to create the common environment and cooperation that will show the necessary resistance to the anti-state, anti-political, unconstitutional behavior of the [current] halls of power.”And asked whether there was a counterbalance to the incumbent Armenian authorities, Minasyan responded: “That’s why I say that the work in this direction must continue. You will soon witness a broader consolidation. Once that consolidation is complete and the action plan is presented within it, all questions will be answered there. It will be clearly portrayed what the way out of this situation is.”Read original article here.

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