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Aviation Committee announced six flights to Armenia

Armenia’s Civil Aviation Committee has published the schedule of the upcoming flight to Armenia.

On June 20 Red Wings airline will carry out the Moscow Yerevan flight (arrival in Yerevan at 21:40).

On the same day SKYUP will operate the Kyiv-Yerevan-Kyiv flight (arrival in Yerevan at 18:50, departure at 19:45).

On June 20, 21 and 22 Belavia will carry out Minsk-Yerevan-Minsk flights (Arrival in Yerevan at 02:4, departure at 03:35).

On June 22 Red Wings will operate another flight from Moscow to Yerevan (arrival at 21:40).

Upon the Commandant’s instruction, employees of the Tourism Committee will accompany all citizens to previously indicated places of self-isolation.

Read original article here.

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