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Atom Egoyan donates $5,000 in support of Armenia’s Covid-19 response efforts

Internationally renowned film director Atom Egoyan has donated $5,000 to the “Hayastan” All Armenian Fund, the Fund’s Executive Director Haykak Arshakyan informs.

Using the online payment platform Egoyan wrote: “On the occasion of Atom Egoyan’s 60th Birthday. I had hoped to celebrate it in Armenia.”

“Egoyan, much like thousands of Armenians, cannot be in the Homeland this year but has made a donation to help Armenia overcome this Pandemic,” Arshakyan writes.

“Dear friend, thousands of you are in a similar situation, with disrupted summer plans, consider donating a fraction of the cost of your ticket to support Armenia’s fight against this Pandemic and bring your next visit a little closer,” he adds.

Read original article here.

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