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Survey shows 1/3 of Armenians will refuse vaccination against COVID-19

Photo: Photolure

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Breavis conducted a survey in Armenia in May 2020 to find out what views and expectations people had about the coronavirus vaccine.

Around 17% of the surveyed connect the end of the epidemic in Armenia with creation of the vaccine.

One in 3 people (32% of the respondents) will refuse vaccination when the vaccine is ready. The index is slightly higher for those who consider it likely that they will choose to get vaccinated – 36%.

Nearly half of the surveyed, 44%, consider it likely that the vaccine will be created this year, around 16% believe it will happen in 2021, and over 10% think that the vaccine will be created later.

There is also a percentage of pessimistic views (9%) that a vaccine is unlikely to be created.

The survey was implemented via phone interviews with 1,620 people from Yerevan and 10 marzes of Armenia between May 15th and 25th.

Read original article here.

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