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ANC International calls out Turkey’s hostile actions against Armenians around the world

In recent weeks, Armenians worldwide have witnessed Turkey’s sharp escalation of its hateful incitement and hostile actions against Armenians, in Turkey, across the South Caucasus, and around the world, the Armenian National Committee International said in a statement.

“Among the most notable of these provocations have been incitements and protests organized by isolated interests in Lebanon that are aligned with Ankara and its genocidal intentions toward the Armenian nation. This hostility was also prominently advertised by the Erdogan government’s public announcements that it devoted a five-hour meeting of his High Advisory Board to its campaign to obstruct the “Armenian lobby’s” progress toward a truthful, just, and comprehensive international resolution of the Armenian Genocide. Within the South Caucasus, Turkey has become more belligerent by steadily raising tensions, seeking to intimidate Armenia and Artsakh (Mountainous Karabakh) either directly or through its increased support for Azerbaijani aggression and by further militarizing historically Armenian Nakhichevan. More broadly, Turkey has stepped up its destabilizing activities across the Middle East and North Africa,” the Committee said.

“As has been the case for the past three decades, Baku has matched each of Ankara’s anti-Armenian escalations with its own aggression, in the form of cross-border attacks, cease-fire violations, human rights abuses, historic falsifications and other incitements of hatred that have, in recent weeks, been condemned by the European Court of Human Rights,” it added.

The Armenian National Committee-International – in cooperation with its worldwide network and coalition partners – continues to carefully monitor these provocations and remains undeterred in advancing its core mission of protecting the security of the republics of Armenia and Artsakh, of safeguarding the rights and interests of Armenians worldwide and of promoting a free, united, and independent Armenia.

Read original article here.

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