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Armenia has purchased Covid-19 drug Remdesivir, in talks for Avifavir

Armenia has purchased a batch of Remdesivir, which will reach the country within 7-10 days, Health Minister Arsen Torosyan told a press conference today.

Armenia is also in talks to purchase Russian-made drug Avifavir, as well as Favipiravir produced in Russia and Japan, the Minister said.

A batch of Japanese drug has already been imported and hospitals will start using it soon.

Arsen Torosyan said about 200 different Covid-19 vaccines are being developed, of which 20 have chances to become a final product.

He said there is a general understanding among public health specialists that we are definitely going to have a vaccine.

“This conviction is very important, as it has come over time. There was a huge uncertainty in the beginning,” Torosyan said.

He added that along with the development of the vaccine, countries have entered the race to purchase the potential vaccine.

Armenia, he said, is holding negotiations in two directions – directly with producers and with organizations line UNICEF, WHO and GAVI, which can purchase a large batch for 100 countries and distribute it.

Minister Rorosyan said vaccine is the only thing that will allow us to return to life without masks and social distancing.

Read original article here.

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