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‘Small scuffles’ break out at Armenian demonstration in Los Angeles

A number of skirmishes broke out and one officer was injured during a large demonstration staged by an Armenian group near the Azerbaijan Consulate General in Brentwood on Tuesday, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The demonstration, organized by the Armenian National Committee of America — Western Region, started at about 2 p.m. in the 11700 block of Wilshire Boulevard in protest of the Azerbaijani attack toward Armenia in their shared border region around Armenia’s northern province of Tavush, which began July 12.

Demonstration organizer Alex Galitsky of the ANCA—WR estimated the crowd at about 3,000 — noting that L.A. has the largest Armenian community in the world outside of Armenia.

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“The Armenian people are fighting for their right to self-determination,” Galinsky said, calling the border fighting “a blatant act of aggression and an act of war” while the world was preoccupied with COVID-19.

Los Angeles Police Department officers set up a scrimmage line at one point to keep demonstrators out of the streets and force distance between Armenian protesters and Azerbaijani counter-protesters.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, an officer suffered a laceration and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

On Monday, Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted in support of Los Angeles’ Armenian community, calling Azerbaijan’s threats against Armenia “provocative and dangerous.”

Read original article here.

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