Tigran Avinyan Chairs Discussion on Public Services Digitization Agenda

Friday, 11 June 2021

Tigran Avinyan Chairs Discussion on Public Services Digitization Agenda

Chaired by Acting Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Avinyan, a meeting was held on June 11 to discuss possibilities for building the capacity of e-gov.am single platform for the provision of public services.

In his opening remarks, the Acting Deputy Prime Minister noted that business processes related to the provision of public services and the relevant regulatory framework will be reviewed and simplified as part of the ongoing reform of public and community services, initiated by the Government of the Republic of Armenia. He emphasized that the digitalization of public and community services is one of the four key components of the reform process.

In this context, the platform for the provision of public services will create new opportunities for individuals and legal entities, such as submitting online applications, making online payments, tracking the progress of services, assessing the quality of services received, and so on.

Tigran Avinyan advised that the platform’s pilot launch shall be provided by the Registration of Individual Entrepreneur service, with the range of services to be gradually increased in the coming months. A highlight is the issuance of licenses and permits in the Republic of Armenia through this platform. The Acting Deputy Premier underscored that a mobile application will have been introduced by this yearend to maximize the functionality of the web platform.

The contractor introduced the e-gov.am platform, presenting the future structure of the joint platform, its technical capabilities and tools. The discussion covered the upcoming work to build the capacity of the platform, including notifications (e-notifications), payments (e-payments), implementation of GovID, their technical support, maintenance and timing.

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