Armenia to purchase Johnson & Johnson and Novavax vaccines in the fall

In the fall Armenia will acquire 50 thousand doses of American Johnson & Johnson vaccine through the Covax platform. Another 300 thousand doses (for 150 thousand people) of Novavax vaccine will be acquired, Armenia’s acting Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan told a press conference today.

She noted that from time to time the Covax platform creates an opportunity to purchase vaccines. It was possible to get the Pfizer vaccine for 7,500 people in winter, but Armenia found it inexpedient to invest funds for such small quantity.

Armenia is listed among self-financing countries, and is not getting the vaccine within the framework of the Covax platform as a gift.

Avanesyan said 279,460 does of vaccine were imported to Armenia as of July 7, including 74,400 doses (26,6%) of AstraZeneca, 105,060 does (37,5%) of Sputnik V and 100,000 doses (35,7%) of CoronaVac.

On July 7 Armenia imported another 15,000 doses of Russian Sputnik V vaccine.

A total of 103, 317 vaccinations have been carried out across the country.  

Read original article here.

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