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Armenia, Italy sign military cooperation plan

Armenian-Italian military-political consultations were held at the Armenian Ministry of Defense. The delegations were led by Levon Ayvazyan, Head of the General Department of Defense Policy, International Cooperation and Brigadier General David Morpurgo, Head of the International Relations Office of the Italian General Staff.

Issues related to regional security, international developments, as well as cooperation between the Armenian and Italian Ministries of Defense were discussed during the consultations. It was decided to resume the cooperation activities irrespective of the restrictions caused by the epidemic, in compliance with the health norms.

Based on the agreements reached, the 2021 Armenia-Italy bilateral military cooperation plan was signed, which envisages 11 events in both countries during the second half of 2021. The events concern the exchange of experience in areas of mutual interest, the training of personnel, the continuation of military-political consultations.

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