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Viva-MTS, Fuller center help family in Vayots Dzor get a decent house

Viva-MTS, Fuller center help family in Vayots Dzor get a decent house

July 15, 2021 – 14:41 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net – The Ghazaryan family from the village of Gomk in Armenia’s Vayots Dzor province have built their dream home with the support of Viva-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, after 15 years of living in a damp and dark basement.

Now everyone in the family has their own bedroom, and they no longer feel depressed when hosting guests.

“We have lived in the basement for fifteen years. From inside the newly built house, we now have stairs leading to that section. We have already turned the old house into a storage room. And upstairs, everyone has their own bright and comfortable room,” said the housewife, Naira Arzumanyan.

Due to the pandemic, the Ghazaryans communicated with the teams of the partner organizations, supporting them mainly through video calls. The same method was chosen to celebrate the housewarming.

“The Covid has changed a lot in our life, but definitely not our goals. We didn’t get the chance to work hand in hand with you or take part in the construction works; yet, it is the result that matters. You now have a properly built house; you have overcome the 15-year-old problem, and have gotten rid of the darkness and dampness of the life in basement. I can remember, you were the first family we tried to connect to by a video call. Back then, the house was just half-built walls, and now it is a hearth filled with warmth. And though we are still on a video call, I can feel the warmth of your home and the change of your mood. That is the most important thing for us. It is also the reason, our partner team “Fuller Center for Housing” and we strive to keep going and improve the lives of our compatriots,” Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said during the video call.

The first result of Viva-MTS support in Gomk was recorded years ago, thanks to the infrastructure development program with the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC).

“The idea to support housing in Gomk arose years ago when we were launching a street lighting system with LED lights. When you visited the municipality and got acquainted with the community needs assessment board, you promised to solve some of the problems listed. Many problems have been solved in the last 3-4 years. And the house built for this family was very important. Now they will live in decent conditions,” said Mkhitar Hovhannisyan, the head of the Gomk administrative district, during a video call with Yirikian.

Through the housing project, Viva-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia not only solve a social problem, but also seek to change people’s life entirely. And the programs implemented in remote villages contribute to their development.

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