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Human Rights Defender on fact-finding mission to Yeraskh

A group headed by Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan has left for Yeraskh (Ararat province) for fact-finding mission.

The Human Rights Defender of Armenia specifically emphasizes that the Azerbaijani shootings near Yeraskh are of a criminal nature, are conducted in a manner that is dangerous to the right to life and health, and other vital rights of the civilian population. They violate the peace and quiet life of the civilian population.

The criminal nature of the shootings is evident in the other section of the borders of Armenia, against the background of the shootings provoked by the Azerbaijani armed forces in the vicinity of the communities, and is proven by the fact that on July 14 a serviceman of the Armenian Armed Forces was killed in the sector of Yeraskh as a result of regular shooting from the Azerbaijani side.

The mission aims to record the violations of the rights of the border residents of Armenia. The details will be presented in a separate report to the international bodies (UN, CoE, EU, etc.) as well as to the relevant state bodies of the Republic of Armenia.

Read original article here.

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