Syrian airline to re-launch Aleppo-Yerevan-Aleppo flights

The Syrian Ajnehat al-Sham airline announced the resumption of the weekly Aleppo-Yerevan-Aleppo flights.

Kantsasar newspaper’s editor-in-chief Zarmine Chilaboshian-Poghikian told Armenpress that this is the first time that regular flights from Aleppo to Yerevan are re-launched since the Syrian war.

Before, travelers willing to fly to Yerevan had to depart from Damascus. The round-trip flights will start in September and will be operated once a week. In case of resumption of flights from September, there will be an opportunity to go to Armenia by direct flight from Aleppo.

It is expected that there will be passenger flow activity in the opposite direction from Aleppo to Yerevan.

Aleppo Airport is slowly recovering its destinations to foreign markets. Initially, there were domestic flights within the country.

Read original article here.

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