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Holy Trinity Armenian Church in Malatia to host first liturgy in decades

The renovation of the Holy Trinity Armenian Church in Malatia has been completed. From now on, the building will serve as both a church and a cultural center. The first liturgy is scheduled for August 29 of this year, Agos reports.

According to the source, Kevork Ozkaragyoz from HAY-DER organization in Malatya provided details on the reopening of the church to Agos reporter

The church had been in ruins for 100 years, the Malatya-based HAY-DER organization undertook the repair of the church restoring the sanctuaries and the baptistery.

From now on, the church will carry out two services․ The liturgy, baptism and wedding ceremonies of the Armenian community will be organized here, but the Armenian sanctuary will also serve as a cultural center.

The official reopening ceremony of the church will take place on August 26. The church will be consecrated on August 28 and will host the first liturgy on August 29. It will be presided over by the Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople Sahak Mashalyan.

Read original article here.

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