Azerbaijani forces shooting in the direction of Sotk mountain pass – Ombudsman

According to the received alarms, the Azerbaijani armed forces are firing in the direction of Sotk mountain pass, Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan says.

The Ombudsman notes that the shots are from the area where the windmills are located. The area is located in the Sotk mountain pass of Geghamasar community in Gegharkunik region (200 hectares of land plot), which the Armenian government provided to a company legally registered in Armenia in December 2000 and signed a 30-year lease agreement, thus ensuring state registration of property rights.

“In other words, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces are illegally present in the territory belonging to the an Armenian company, from where they regularly target the Sotk gold mine, Geghamasar community, and the positions of the Armenian Armed Forces. At the same time, with their illegal presence, they have inflicted a $5,000,000 loss to the Armenian business company.,” Arman Tatoyan notes.

Earlier today the Ombudsman reported shooting in the direction of the villages of Kut and Norabak (both in Gegharkunik region).

Read original article here.

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