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Viva-MTS, Fuller Center continue housing project in rural Armenia

Viva-MTS, Fuller Center continue housing project in rural Armenia

September 7, 2021 – 15:18 AMT

PanARMENIAN.NetViva-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, which teamed up many years ago around a key housing project, have helped the Babayan family in rural Armenia renovate their home, which was initially comprised of two rooms without partition walls, lacked facilities, while the roof was completely damaged in enemy shelling

“It used to be a half-ruined house. Years ago, a neighbor’s house and the roof of our half-built building were damaged from shells. When it rained, we put pots, but the rain and snow leaked into the house. Now everything is different. The semi-built building has become a house,” said the homeowner, Vilhelm Babayan.

The Galstyans had the opportunity to leave the country to earn money abroad, but they considered it a temporary solution to the situation. Living in their homeland, being the owner of their own land was a matter of principal for them. Today they have set another goal of discovering the potential of their children and creating opportunities for their development and education. The new house gave them a basis for optimism.

“Goals are achievable, where there is commitment and resistance to hardships of life. When I met you for first time, I noticed that neither the hardships you have been through for many years, nor the loss of a limb at the war have been able to change you. Your strength, your willpower and optimism have turned into a light to guide you all the way to making your dream come true. Stay strong, keep your home and your native village standing,” Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said during the video call.

The partners implementing the housing program for over ten years, Viva-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia record desired results in different regions of the country. The families who became homeowners in the last year’s program celebrate a housewarming, and this year’s beneficiaries sign contracts with the desire to see their dreams come true. This year it is planned to support 84 families. There are families on the list who have to start the difficult task of building a house for the third time due to circumstances.

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