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Pediatrician: 600 children in Armenia have so far contracted Delta variant

Pediatrician: 600 children in Armenia have so far contracted Delta variant

September 8, 2021 – 18:59 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net – Chief pediatrician of Armenia Sergey Sargsyan has revealed that as many as 600 children have contracted the Delta variant of the coronavirus in the country.

In an interview with Yerevan.Today, Sargsyan said that the highly-contagious variant “loves” children more than previous versions of the disease. According to him, 28 minors are currently receiving inpatient treatment, including one in the intensive care unit.

In the past month, he said, infection rate among children has increased from 4.2% to 6%, which means 30-36 children are diagnosed with Covid-19 each day, given that 500-600 new cases are registered in the country daily.

The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Armenia grew by 645 to reach 246,410 on September 8. So far, 230,291 people have recovered, 4954 have died from the coronavirus in the country, while 1167 others carrying the virus have died from other causes.

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