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Russia appoints new Commander of Peacekeeping Forces in Artsakh

Armenian Minister of Defense Arshak Karapetyan received today the newly appointed Commander of the Russian Peacekeeping Forces in Artsakh, Major General Mikhail Kosobokov, and the Commander of the Russian 102nd Military Base in Armenia, Colonel Dmitry Ovcharov. The Defense Attaché of the Russian Embassy in Armenia, Colonel Igor Shcherbakov took part in the meeting.

The Armenian Defense Minister congratulated Major-General Mikhail Kosobokov on assuming the post and wished him success in his peacekeeping mission.

Arshak Karapetyan congratulated Colonel Dmitry Ovcharov on his appointment to the post of Commander of the 102nd Military Base in Russia and stressed the role and significance of the Russian unit stationed in Armenia.

The Defense Minister praised the efforts of the Russian Federation aimed at stabilizing the military-political situation in the region, as well as the process and effectiveness of the Russian peacekeeping mission in Artsakh.

The sides exchanged views on regional security issues.

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