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Another seven Diaspora Armenian professionals join the government

Another seven Diaspora Armenian professionals have joined the government Diaspora High Commisdioner’s Office reports.

They arrived in Armenia under the iGorts program which places Diaspora Armenian professionals in the RA state system. They chose their new workplaces through an interview system.

Gassia Samuelian from Lebanon and Ruzanna Grigoryan from Russia will work at the National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Russian-Armenian Mariam Mnatsakanyan will start her one year of work in the Inspection Bodies’ Coordination Bureau.

Lebanese-Armenian Zepiur Chahrozian became an employee of the RA Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. Lilit Harutyunyan from Switzerland and Nune Harutyunyan from Belgium will work in the Yerevan Municipality. Maria Hakobyan from Sweden will continue her career in the RA Ministry of High-Tech Industry.

Read original article here.

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