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Unblocking of transport links in the region will increase trade between Armenia and Russia – Overchuk

The unblocking of transport links in the region will help increase commodity turnover between Armenia and Russia, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexey Overchuk told reporters in Yerevan on the sidelines of the Armenia Business Forum 2021.

The trilateral working group chaired by the Deputy Prime Ministers of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan continues it activity. The last 7th meeting was held in Moscow in mid-August, Overchuk said,  

“All parties are determined to unblock economic and transport links in the region. Of course, we are discussing how to do this, but it is unambiguously clear to everyone that the unblocking and restoration of the transport route will create significant new opportunities for expanding and increasing trade, including between Russia and Armenia. Actually, that’s what we are working for,” the Russian Deputy PM stated.

Speaking about the expected impact of the unblocking on the volume of turnover, Armenian Deputy Prime Minister Mher Grigoryan said there are two factors that need to be studied.

“The first is that we have been in the realm of limitations for many years. It is obvious that the unblocking will have a positive effect, but we must continue to study what will happen in terms of volume,” he said.

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