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Armenian President calls for unity, awareness on Independence Day

Armenian President calls for unity, awareness on Independence Day

September 21, 2021 – 13:08 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net – President Armen Sarkissian on Tuesday, September 21 is the 30th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Armenia, as the country is going through a “critically difficult situation, with many problems and challenges,” such as the aftermath of the Second Karabakh War and the coronavirus pandemic.

“For thirty years, due to various objective and subjective reasons, we have not been able to fully realize the opportunity provided by independence, develop our victory and success. Everything seemed to be there for it, from the dream to the idea, from the excitement to the will, from the experience of the past to the pursuit of the future,” the President said in his message.

“Today, the history of our country, the people, the present, and the future are intertwined. We must learn from the past. At the same time, we must not let the past prevent us from moving forward. We must make more efforts for the future development of our Motherland, Armenia, and Artsakh. But first, we must assess and realize the vital value of an independent state realistically, not emotionally.”

Sarkissian called for a clear national and state agenda, vision and program, which must also guide the country’s actions in contacts with its partners and international relations, in general.

“We need a deep awareness of our national identity and statehood. We need unity to make our Homeland a safe, defensive, strong, and healthy state in all respects. We need patience and awareness to realize that difficulties are temporary, and we can overcome them,” he said.

“We need farsightedness to see new opportunities even in the current situation. We need realism and a revaluation of reality. It is not only the state that needs restarting but also our feeling of statehood and the awareness of the consequences of the possible danger of losing it.

“We must get out of the situation with our heads held high, our backs straight, and move forward: in an atmosphere of solidarity, tolerance, and national accord, with the courage to look into each other’s eyes with dignity, straight, and honestly, with the persistence in renouncing pretense and populism, and taking actual steps, with the aim of making our Homeland, Armenia and Artsakh, secure and prosperous.”

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Pope congratulates Armenia on Independence Day

His Holiness Pope Francis has sent a congratulatory message to President Armen Sarkissian on the occasion of Armenia’s Independence Day. The message reads:

“On the occasion of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of your country’s independence, September 21, I send you my happy, warm congratulations, as well as my wishes for prosperity and peace to the Armenian people.

I pray to Almighty God to bless the efforts of all those who work responsibly and fully for the security and prosperity of the people. May the divine blessing be with the people of Armenia and with you. ”

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Armenian FM to attend UN General Assembly session, meet Minsk Group Co-Chair in New York

Foreign Minister of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan will leave for New York today for a working visit. The Foreign Minister will participate in the works of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Minister Mirzoyan is expected to have a number of bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the session.

The Foreign Minister will also hold a meeting with the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs.

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France will spare no effort to find a lasting solution to Karabakh conflict – Macon

France will spare no effort to find a lasting solution to the conflict within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmanship, French President Emmanuel Macron said in a congratulatory message to Armenian President Armen Sarkissian on the occasion of 30th anniversary of independence.

“I appreciate the significant path that the Armenian people have taken exactly 30 years ago since gaining independence to build a modern, democratic state. Thus, overcoming a number of trials, your country has managed to strengthen the activities of the institutions,” Mr. Macron said.

“France and Armenia are connected with a privileged relationship deeply rooted in history. These close and trusting friendly relations continue today in all spheres. I hope that this connection, which is the wealth of our bilateral relations, will deepen in various areas of cooperation, such as culture, education, healthcare or economy,” he added.

“France wants to play a role in bringing peace to the region, and it is in that spirit that it stands by Armenia to help it overcome the challenges it faces a year after the bloody war in Nagorno-Karabakh. In this regard, France will be particularly committed to preserving the region’s rich cultural heritage, which reflects the uniqueness and richness of the South Caucasus,” Emmanuel Macron continued.

Finally, he said, “we will spare no effort to find a lasting solution to the conflict within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairmanship, to stabilize the situation in the South Caucasus in favor of regional development and prosperity.”

The French president stressed that it also implies the resumption of the dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan under the auspices of the Minsk Group Co-Chairs. “France, as a co-chairing country, is ready to support this issue.”

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Message of His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians on Armenian Independence Day

Beloved people in Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora,

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of the re-establishment of our independent statehood.

Three decades ago, our people, with a united will, chose the path of rebuilding its independence, to fulfill their centuries-old desire and dream with enthusiasm and inspiration.

Our people have traversed a difficult path of state-building, facing many challenges and making great sacrifices.

With glorious victories, successes and achievements, we also had omissions, wrong processes, both in the homeland and in the international arena.

Last year our nation went through a new trial. Azerbaijan again unleashed a war against the Republic of Artsakh.

The worst consequences of the catastrophic war, the wounds that bleed every day, have created a completely new situation in the life of our people.

In our hearts is the deep pain of our losses, our fallen martyrs, captives and the missing, the anxiety of the uncertainty towards the future, but also the determination to stand up again, to shake off the disasters and troubles that have befallen us, to ensure conditions for our people to live safely and prosperously in Artsakh and Armenia.

The independence of the native country is the greatest value.

Over the centuries, the Armenian Church has always kept the idea of independence awake in the souls of our children, blessed the struggles for our freedom, put everything possible in the establishment and progress of our modern independent homeland, and will continue its activity in this sacred mission.

The main meaning of the 30th anniversary of independence is to rebuild a progressive, prosperous country in love and unity.

Today, unfortunately, we often see intolerance instead of solidarity and dialogue.

The problems facing our country and people demand unity, joint efforts and implementation of like-minded goals.

We must defend and preserve the independence, which was acquired at a high price, with national unity, overcoming internal and external challenges along the way of this sacred mission, because our independent state is the strongest anchor and guarantee of our existence and being.

On the occasion of the Independence Day, we extend our pontifical blessings to all our people, urging them to stand firm in the faith, to walk in God’s commandments, united around the homeland, to fulfil our vivid national desires with patriotic and fraternal love.

It is our pontifical prayer that Almighty God keep our Homeland and the world at peace, as well as grant creative and safe life for the children of my nation, today and always. Amen.

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Armenia marks 30th anniversary of independence

Armenia marks the 30th anniversary of independence.

On September 21,1991 Armenia held a nationwide referendum, which saw over 99 percent of voters approve the republic’s commitment to independence. Two days later, on September 23, the Supreme Council proclaimed Armenia an independent state.

The first President was elected through a nationwide election in November 1991.

On December 21, 1991, Armenia joined the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

The adoption of the Constitution on July 5, 1995 became one of the most remarkable events in the process of state-building. It contributed to and greatly strengthened the legal bases for transition from a totalitarian system to a democratic state.

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Opening of regional communications will help overcome Armenia’s 30-year blockade – PM

The opening of regional communications should finally give Armenia an opportunity to overcome the 30-year blockade, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said at the opening ceremony of the Armenian Business Forum in Yerevan.

According to him, it will lead to a “significant change in the investment climate in Armenia, and transformation in Armenia’s economic structure, so that the country and the state becomes more resilient and competitive’’

Nikol Pashinyan noted that there has been much talk about the political agenda of regional developments.

“We greatly appreciate the support from our strategic ally, the Russian Federation, in moving forward that agenda, delimitation and demarcation of borders and restoration of the peace process. I have to emphasize that we realize and record that the constructive position of Russia, which we can see today, is extremely important for solving these issues’,” the Prime Minister said.

[embedded content]

In terms of shaping the future of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan referred to the projects that the Government has already launched. “We consider the reforms in the field of education to be extremely important for solving our problems, one of the key goals of which should be the quality and access to education. In this regard, the Government of the Republic of Armenia has undertaken a program to build or renovate 300 schools in the next 5 years. About 500 kindergartens or preschools will be built and renovated, with the aim of making education more accessible to all children in Armenia, giving them the opportunity for further professional and higher education so that they can find job in highest-paying market segments,” he said.

“Infrastructure development is extremely important for us. In this regard, we plan to start or complete the construction of 15 reservoirs in the next 5 years. We have to repair or overhaul at least 500 kilometers of roads each year, and we do this calculation excluding the implementation of the North-South program, subvention programs. We are already going to launch the construction of the Sisian-Agarak section of the North-South highway, and all this is a state, public investment program worth several billions, for the implementation of which we need the support of our businessmen, including the Association of Armenian Businessmen. Because our evaluations show that the construction capacity in Armenia is not enough for implementing this ambitious project put forward by the Government’’, the PM said, voicing hope that the launch of the state programs will receive a respond among the members of the Association of Armenian Businessmen, who, inspired by such scale and volume of state investments, will also support the Government with private investments, so that we can get a synergy effect as a result.

‘’We are discussing the state budget for 2022. The share, size and volume of capital expenditures will be unprecedented for the history of our Republic. But traditionally we have a problem, and it exists throughout our 30-year history. We traditionally have the problem of underperformance of capital expenditures, which is connected with the problem I mentioned, because the construction companies operating in Armenia are not able to fully implement the programs offered by the state in terms of their capacities, time and quality. And saluting the Armenian Business Forum, I especially want to praise the mood in which it started, and the mood is more than work-oriented,” said Nikol Pashinyan, adding that the Government’s goal is to transform the formulation “post-war recovery process” into the start of an era of peaceful development for the Republic of Armenia and the region.

“In order to reach this goal, we need the support of all those present here, we need the support of our Diaspora businessmen, the support of our international partners and allies. And I think that this respectable event today is a possible start to turn this mood into a practical reality”, Prime Minister Pashinyan concluded.

The main goals of the forum are to restart Armenia’s investment and economic potential through investment flows, to establish closer economic cooperation with businessmen from different countries, first of all Russia, to promote youth entrepreneurship, as well as to establish a new level of dialogue and unification of the Armenian business community all over the world. The number of participants of the forum reaches 500.

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Pashinyan offers condolences to Putin

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan sent a condolence message to President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on theoccasion of the human casualties as a result of the incident in Perm. The message runs as follows,

‘’Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich,

It was with deep sorrow that I learnt about the casualties and injuries as a result of the tragic incident at the Perm State National Research University.

On behalf of the entire Armenian people and on my own behalf, I express my sincere condolences to you, the families and relatives of the victims, and wish all the injured a speedy recovery. “

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Aeroflot starts flights to Armena’s Gyumri

The Russian Aeroflot airline has started flights to Gyumri’sShirak” airport.

Moscow-Gyumri-Moscow flights will be operated three times a week, every Monday, Thursday and Friday.

For more information on air tickets it’s necesary to visit the airline’s website or contact the local travel agency.

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Tashir Group announces plans for nearly $780 million investment in Armenia and Republic of Artsakh

Tashir Group is planning to invest up to $600 million to ensure Armenia’s energy security, create new production capacities and modernize of electric networks, President of Tashir Group of Companies, Chair of the Association of Armenian Entrepreneurs Samvel Karapetyan said at the Armenia Business Forum 2021.

Announcing the plans, Samvel Karapetyan said energy is the basis of development of any economy, and it is doubly important in case of Armenia.

The second important direction is industry, he said. “Sustainable development of the country is impossible without the development of production capacities, including the implementation of new innovative solutions in the sphere. The development of new capacities in the locomotive of the whole economy, which increases the export capacity, creates jobs,” Karapetyan said, adding that a total of $50 million will be invested towards this end.

According to him, tourism is another important sector for Tashir Group. “Armenia is a unique country for tourism with a huge potential for development. We will allocate about $50 million or the sphere,” Karapetan stated.

Tashir Group will next promote youth entrepreneurship, and will provide about $30 million for those programs.

Finally Samvel Karapetyan attached importance to continuing the development programs in Artsakh. “It’s impossible to imagine Armenia without Artsakh, and our task is to ensure a safe future for Artsakh,” he said, adding that about $50 million will be allocated for development programs.

Samvel Karapetyan called for investments in the Armenian economy. He noted that despite the difficulties of the past years, Armenia remains a favorable country for business, especially for Russian businessmen.

“The Armenian economy is open for close cooperation thanks to traditionally friendly relations between our peoples,” Karapetyan said.

He said the forum organized by the Association of Armenian Entrepreneurs aims at boosting the development of Armenian economy through investments, establishing closer ties with businessmen from different countries, including Russia, taking the dialogue to a new level and uniting the Armenian business community across the world, promoting and supporting young entrepreneurship.

He said that the government, in turn, should create conditions for the effective functioning of the business.

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