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US Medium portal publishes article about Armenian attack on Azerbaijan

The US Medium portal has published an article by Azerbaijan’s Consul General in Los Angeles Nasimi Aghayev underlining Armenia’s recent military attack on Azerbaijan.

News.Az presents the article titled “In the middle of COVID-19 crisis, Armenia launches military attack against Azerbaijan.”

Starting on July 12, the Armenian army attacked, with heavy artillery, the positions of Azerbaijan’s armed forces along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border, killing four Azerbaijani soldiers. It has become clear that the objective behind this new military operation, which is the most violent breach of the ceasefire regime in years, has been to seize strategic positions in Azerbaijan. As of this writing, the clashes along the border are continuing with Armenian army sh

US expert: Immediate actions needed by int'l community against Armenia's provocations

By Trend

Immediate actions are needed by the international community against Armenia’s provocations, Peter M. Tase, the US expert on European and Latin American Politics, told Trend.

“On July 12, the fascist government of Armenia has once again committed horrendous crimes against humanity and grossly violated the UN Security Council resolutions. These acts of violence must be condemned urgently by the United States government, European Union and NATO leadership. The European continent is ever more insecure and unsafe due to the brutal armed attacks that Armenian soldiers have undertaken every twenty f

Turkey warns Armenia to respect territorial integrity of Azerbaijan after border clashes

Turkey on Monday warned Armenia to respect the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, noting that Ankara will stand with Baku “with all it has.”

In a televised live interview with national broadcaster TRT Haber, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu strongly condemned a deadly attack by Armenian armed forces on Azerbaijani troops.

He called on Armenia to “pull its head together” and said that Turkey stands with Azerbaijan “with all it has.”

Referring to Armenian aggression as “unacceptable,” Çavuşoğlu said: “The Azerbaijani army has done what was necessary and repelled these attacks.”

Çavuşoğlu’s remarks came shortly after four Azerbaijani soldiers were killed in a border clash with Armenian troops on Sunday.

“From this (incident), we s

Azerbaijani FM holds telephone conversations with co-chair of OSCE MG and personal …

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 13


Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov held telephone conversations with co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group from Russian Federation Igor Popov and Personal Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-office Andrzej Kasprzyk on July 13, 2020, Trend reports referring to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry.

Mammadyarov informed his interlocutors on the current situation in the region after the recent attempt by the armed forces of Armenia to attack the Azerbaijani positions at the Azerbaijan-Armenia state border was prevented by retaliatory measures.

The Azerbaijani foreign minister expressed serious discontent and named this new provocation of Armenia as an act of aggression.


EU Special Representative expresses concern over tension on Armenia-Azerbaijan border

EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the crisis in Georgia Toivo Klaar has expressed concern over the recent escalation of the tension on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

“I’m very concerned about exchange of fire on Armenia-Azerbaijan border. It is important for both countries to show restraint and to use all channels of communication, both direct and the good offices of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs,” Klaar tweeted on Monday.


Read original article here.

Artsakh condemns gross violation of ceasefire by Azerbaijan

The Artsakh Foreign Ministry has strongly condemn the gross violation of the ceasefire regime by the Azerbaijani side on July 12 on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border in the Tavush region of the Republic of Armenia, followed by a targeted escalation of tension.

“The attack on the Armenian positions by the Azerb

What was life like in Soviet Caucasus Republics (PHOTOS)

This is what communism looked like in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan when they were Soviet republics.

The Soviet Caucasus was famous all over the USSR for its wine, health resorts and colorful local traditions.

Nature and architecture

The Caucasus is a mountainous region. People who live there take pride in this fact, as they believe harsh conditions strengthen their characters. Ancient monasteries standing lonely among mountainous landscapes is a common occurrence in this area. Yet, the Soviet past greatly influenced the local landscape, leaving monuments and buildings that are very characteristic of the Soviet urbanism behind in its wake.

A monument to Vladimir Lenin in Azerbaijan.

Lenin Square in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

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Beyond Motherhood: Female Fedayees

The term fedayee, derived from the Arabic word fedayeen that literally means “those who sacrifice,” perfectly describes the civilian men and women who voluntarily left their families and lives behind to form self-defense units in response to the pillage and murder of Armenians at the hands of Turkish forces, Kurdish gangs and the Hamidian guards during what is often referred to as the Hamidian massacres and later during the struggle for independence of the First Republic of Armenia. It was during this time and under the reign of Abdul Hamid II in the late 19th and early 20th centuries that the fedayees fought to gain autonomy, independence and fend off the oppressors, namely the Ottoman Turks; the struggle continued until the establishment of the First Republic of Armenia. 

The fedayees were the true backbone of the Armenian nation as they numbered in the thousands and led the national movement. They were instrumental throughout the Hamidian Massac

Spokesperson: MFA always stands for substantial negotiations on Karabakh conflict

BAKU, Azerbaijan, July 9


Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry always stands for substantial negotiations on Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the ministry’s spokesperson Leyla Abdullayeva said, Trend reports on July 9.

She noted that when answering local media questions, President Ilham Aliyev, once again, clearly citing specific facts, exposed the aggressive policy of Armenia, which is dominated by Nazi ideology, the false “democracy” of this country, which violates the fundamental rights of more than one million people, lost their homes as a result of the seizure of internationally recognized territories of a neighboring state, as well as the dictatorship regime established by the

Armenia Won't Send Athletes to CIS Games Due to COVID-19 Concerns

(Reuters) – Armenia will not send athletes to the first Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) Games in the Russian city of Kazan in September due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

The landlocked South Caucasus country, which has recorded more than 29,000 cases of the virus and over 500 deaths, became the first nation to withdraw from the Games which will feature competition in 22 sports for athletes aged between 14 and 23.

“We deeply regret to say that due to the current situation in the world our country will be unable to participate in the CIS Games,” Armenia’s Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport A