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A Doctor of the Diaspora, With Artsakh in His Heart

Dr. Raffy Hovanessian A Remembrance of Dr. Raffy Hovanessian (1938-2020) BY LEVON LACHIKYANEnglish rendering by CHRISTOPHER H. ZAKIAN A physician, in the truest sense, is not defined solely by his choice of profession. What defines him is a lifelong impulse to help others: a commitment to treat fellow human beings with compassion. That’s how IContinue reading “A Doctor of the Diaspora, With Artsakh in His Heart”

Armenian Expert Azadian: Russian Military Base In Armenia Is A Deterrent Against The Turkish …

In an article titled “Russian Base Casts Long Shadow on Armenia, Turkey,” Armenian intellectual Edmond Y. Azadian described the strategic importance of Russia’s military base in Armenia.[1] According to Azadian, although the base may be how Russia maintains its influence in the Caucasus region, it is also a powerful deterrent against any Turkish threat. “To defend its military base, Moscow has to defend Armenia’s territory,” he stressed.

Azadian argued that Armenia cannot afford to underestimate Turkey’s expansionist plans, stressing: “Turkey’s involvement in many conflicts defines its behavior pattern. Either it foments a crisis [in order] to intervene, like it did in Syria, or it takes advantage of destabilized regions, like Iraq and Libya, to expand its empire.” He added:

Armenia's Women Tech Trailblazers Are Forging New Horizons

Nestled between Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, the landlocked Republic of Armenia’s thriving technology sector reached <a href="

Russian Base Casts Long Shadow on Armenia, Turkey

On the sidelines, however, a diplomatic charade is taking place. Despite its aggressive moves and stern threats, Ankara is trying to camouflage its intentions through diplomatic moves. First, Ibrahim Kalin, President Erdogan’s spokesman, indicated that Turkey is in Nakhichevan to support its ally Azerbaijan and assured the public that Ankara’s moves do not intend to harm its relations with Moscow.

In his turn, President Erdogan has taken the initiative to call President Vladimir Putin. During their conversation Putin “has stressed the importance of preventing any steps that could cause an escalation in tensions.”

Once again, the issue of the Russian military base in Gyumri has become a topic of public discussion. Many anti-Russian politicians underestimate the significance of that base. Analysts li

Paris, Beirut, Moscow: More flights to Armenia announced

The Armenian Civil Aviation Committee has published the schedule of upcoming flights to Armenia.

Belavia airline will carry out Minsk-Yerevan-Minsk flights on daily basis until August 13 (arrival at 02:45, departure at 03:35).

On August 4 Aircompany Armenia will operate a Yerevan-Kaluga-Yerevan flight (departure at 11:00, arrival at 17:40).

On August 4 and 6 Red Wings will operate flights from Moscow to Yerevan (arrival at 21:40).

On August 5 Nord Star will carry out a flight on Moscow-Gyumri-Moscow route.

On August 8 Nord star will operate a Moscow-Yerevan-Moscow flight (Arrival at 13:50, departure at 15:50).

On August 4 and 11 the Middle East airline will carry out Beirut-Yerevan-Beirut flights (arrival on August 4 at 14:45, departure at 15:45, arrival on August 8 at 16:4

HIVE 30 Under 30 Armenians in Tech: Identifying talent, celebrating innovation

HIVE 30 Under 30 Armenians in Tech: Identifying talent, celebrating innovation

July 24, 2020 – 17:28 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net – HIVE Ventures has announced the finalists of 30 Under 30 Armenians in Tech to celebrate innovators and changemakers in the global Armenian community.

Founded in 2014, HIVE Ventures has a mission to catalyze the global Armenian tech ecosystem by investing in startups led by Armenian entrepreneurs around the world. The company provides venture capital, offers mentorship and a Silicon Valley network of leading founders, operators and VCs.

To highlight the talent Armenians are bringi

Genocide or betrayal: The true story behind the Armenian question

The Armenian deportation of 1915 is one of the most politicized historical questions in the field and public sphere. Unfortunately, the historians who support the hypothesis of some Armenians that see the event as an effort at ‘genocide’ are not keen to consult archival sources regarding the issue, but rather repeat the same allegations from a political perspective. This is why the Armenian government did not accept President Erdogan;s offer to bring Armenian historians to Turkey to work in a mutual history commission regarding Armenian question. The invitation was rejected by the Armenian government because labelling the other side guilty seemed less risky than working on archival documents with Turkish historians.[1]

Turkish relations with Armenians in history

TheArmenian people of Anatoli are one of the oldest nations in Turkey. They are known as talented artisans and loyal to the Ottoman State. Ottoman archival documents show that A

Armenian businesses record success on international level

Armenia is known to be a great country with smart opportunities. In spite of the difficulties in the economy, the government and private sector work hard on developing high-tech and business development. With low taxes, educated and low-cost labor, and an investment-friendly environment Armenia enjoys a favorable position among the countries to start a business and grow globally. As a result a win-win situation is created between growth-minded businesses and developing countries, like Armenia.

Education, Research and Development

Education in Armenia allows to lay solid foundations for the prosperity of the country. Academic educational atmosphere, hard-work and motivation made it possible to reach significant success in many f

Obituary: Rozi Diane Berberian

Rozi Diane Berberian

Rozi Diane Berberian

Rozi Diane Berberian, 38, of Rehoboth Beach, Del., passed away on Wednesday, July 22, 2020, at her home surrounded by her loving family after a courageous five-year battle with cancer. Together, with her husband by her side and the support of family and friends, she sought treatment across the country.  Rozi exemplified courage and carried herself with dignity and grace. She was never afraid, and for that, she was known by those close to her as “Rambo Rozi”.

Rozi was born on February 1, 1982 in Gyumri, Armenia, daughter of Sourik and Zaruhi Mkrtchian. In 1988, she moved to California with her family and attended school.  While residing in Los Angeles, she m

Shirvanian Youth Center in Gyumri Celebrates 4th Anniversary

Hundreds of children take advantage of the services at the Shirvanian Center in Gyumri

Hundreds of children take advantage of the services at the Shirvanian Center in Gyumri

On July 11, 2016, the official grand opening of the Shirvanian Youth Center in Gyumri, a project led by the “We Are Gyumri” Committee of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation – Western US Central Committee, took place in the presence of hundreds of guests. Since its opening, the SYC has served as a hub for various community youth programs, including numerous educational, civic and cultural initiatives, serving thousands of local children thus far.

The project would not have been possible without the gen