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Turkey's Ottomanist Ambitions Target Armenians in Lebanon

Egypt and the United Arab Emirates were in a bloc together under the unwilling leadership of Saudi Arabia to contain Iran. The US tried to impose on Saudi Arabia a mutually exclusive policy, which was doomed to failure because on the one hand, Riyadh was assigned to lead the Sunni bloc, and on the other hand, it was aligned with Israel. Its diminishing economic and political support to the Palestinians disqualified it as a Sunni leader for the Arab street, however. That is where and when Turkey stepped in.

Turkey’s Ottomanist ambitions are not the creation of Armenian paranoia; they present a real plan and a threat to its neighbors. Turkey has always played the role of a necessary evil for NATO. Whenever a mischievous plan was hatched, it was assigned to Ankara to execute it. In return, the West lavishl

Armenia's ex-president freed from jail on $4.1-million bail


YEREVAN, Armenia (AP) — A court in the Armenian capital ruled Thursday to free former Armenian President Robert Kocharian on $4.1-million bail — the highest in the ex-Soviet nation’s history.

The Court of Appeals in Yerevan granted bail to Kocharian following stormy deliberations, during which a supporter of incumbent Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian denounced the judge as a “traitor.” Prosecutors said they would appeal the ruling.

Kocharian, who served as president in 1998-2008, has been accused of violating the constitutional order by sending police to disperse protesters in Yerevan in March 2008. Eight demonstrators and two police died in the clash and 250 people were injured.

Kocharian has rejected the charges as a political vendetta

ADB Cuts 2020 Economic Forecasts for South Caucasus Countries

TBILISI — The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has slashed its 2020 economic forecasts for the South Caucasus countries as they are hit by the spread of the new coronavirus, but projects a recovery in 2021.

Georgia’s gross domestic product (GDP) was expected to contract by 5% in 2020, before rebounding to grow around 5% in 2021, the ADB said in its outlook report published on Thursday.

That was down from the 4.9% growth that the bank forecast in September 2019 and 0% projected in April this year.

The Georgian government has also revised its economic outlook forecast to -4% this year from a previous g

Armenia ex-President will be released on $4m bail

Armenia ex-President will be released on $4m bail

June 18, 2020 – 18:11 AMT

PanARMENIAN.Net – Former Armenian President Robert Kocharyan will be released from prison on AMD 2 billion ($4.1 million) bail.

A judge in Yerevan made the decision on Thursday, June 18.

Kocharyan, who was the President of Armenia in 1998–2008, is accused of overthrowing the constitutional order and money laundering. The first case is related to the crackdown on peaceful protesters marching against the results of the presidential election in March 2008.

At the time, ten people were killed in clashes between protesters and the police, about 200 were injured. At the end of August 2

First plane with medical supplies and equipment from Serbia lands in Yerevan

Parliament majority leader: From now on everyone in Armenia is equal before the law

YEREVAN. – In her speech Wednesday at the National Assembly of Armenia, Lilit Makunts, the head of the majority My Step faction in the legislature, referred to the statements by the MPs of the Prosperous Armenia faction on silencing the opposition.“Just as the political majority cannot silence the opposition, so the opposition cannot silence—with its statements, or in some other way, by making political statements—the political majority,” she said, in particular.Makunts noted that in their speeches on Tuesday as well, their Prosperous Armenia Party (PAP) parliamentary faction colleagues spoke about the attempts to silence the political opposition, and they spoke about it while the My Step

Armenian parliament clears way for arrest of opposition oligarch

The Armenian parliament has voted to lift the parliamentary immunity of opposition leader Gagik Tsarukyan, leading the way for his prosecution. Supporters of Tsarukyan, who leads the Prosperous Armenia Party have taken to blocking the streets of Yerevan.

Tsarukyan, one of the richest men in Armenia, is under investigation for vote-buying, illegal business practices, and organising a fraudulent land transfer scheme. 

Speaking in parliament on Tuesday, the prosecutor general of Armenia appealed for MPs to ‘end Gagik Tsarukyan’s immunity, so there can be a full and objective investigation’.

In two votes on Tuesday, parliament approved motions to strip him of his parliamentary immunity leading the way for his arrest. Both opposition parties with seats in the Armenian parliament, Tsarukyan’s Prosperous Armenia and the liberal opposition Bright Armenia Party, boycotted the votes.

Business Tycoon Gagik Tsarukyan Charged with Bribery, Corruption

Prosperous Armenia Party leader Gagik Tsarukyan, June 16, 2020 (Photo: National Assembly of Armenia/Facebook)

YEREVAN—Gagik Tsarukyan, Armenia’s wealthiest businessman and leader of the opposition Prosperous Armenia Party, has been formally charged with corruption and bribery. According to his lawyer, Emin Khachatryan, late on Tuesday night, the National Security Service (NSS) filed a motion with the Yerevan Municipal Court to detain Tsarukyan under Article 154.2 of Armenia’s criminal code which deals with political bribery.

This development comes hours after t