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Nazareth Kevonian Donates $10000 to Asbarez

Nazareth Kevonian and her daughter, Tamar who was once a regular columnist for Asbarez

Nazareth Kevonian and her daughter, Tamar who was once a regular columnist for Asbarez

LITTLE ARMENIA—Last week, on one of the first days we had returned to the Asbarez offices, a friendly phone call from a long-time supporter humbled and inspired us.

That long-time supporter was Nazareth Kevonian who, having heard that Asbarez had resumed printing after several weeks of hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was calling to see how things were progressing at Asbarez.

He was very concerned about how Asbarez maneuvered the mandated restrictions due to the pandemic. We explained that while we published every day online, we were unable to publish our annual April 24 issue.

“For me it is important that Asbarez continues and grows,” said Kevonian, reiterating his conviction for the importance of Asbarez’s mission and the critical role that the Armenian press plays in our every-day lives.

Kevonian announced that he will make a $10,000 donation to Asbarez, which we thought would be a great opportunity to kick off Asbarez’s annual anniversary campaign.

Kevonian is no stranger to Asbarez. His support for the newspaper goes back decades, when his daughter, Tamar, was a regular columnist for the newspaper’s English section.

Kevonian also has a storied past in the Armenian community, having helmed the Land and Culture Organization for many years and seeing young Armenians going to Armenia where they worked to refurbish centuries-old churches and institutions. Kevonian believes that out cultural landmarks in Armenia are important reflections of our national heritage through which young Armenians can have a critical tie to the homeland.

We thank Nazareth Kevonian for his continued support of our mission. We are humbled and grateful for his years of support, which enhances our efforts to serve the community. May he serve as an example to others to encourage and boost Asbarez.

Read original article here.

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